The Colour Palette - Paint Roller and Brush

How to Avoid Simple Painting Mistakes

Ensuring colour consistency for large scale house painting can be quite challenging especially when several gallons of paint are required. House painting colour inconsistency can happen due to a variety of reasons however experienced painters know how to deal with them and mitigate the adverse effects.

  • First and foremost, buy all your paint from a single store and always buy more than you estimate for your painting project.
  • Plan your painting so that you don’t need switch to a new can of paint in the middle of a wall.
  • Remember the colour on every wall will look slightly different due to the nature and amount of light.
  • Also, don’t finish the last can of paint, rather save a little for touch ups at the very end.
  • Ensure that the same number of coats are applied throughout the room to ensure consistency and a uniform appearance.

By adhering to the above tips, one can ensure colour consistency even for large scale house painting projects.