The Perils of Peeling Paint and How to Avoid Them

One of the most common challenges in front of any homeowner is what to do with peeling paint. It obviously detracts from the beautiful appearance of your home and it can also lead to damage to the surface material as well.

Here are a few common tips from The Colour Palette, Sydney’s trusted residential and commercial painters, to keep in mind to avoid the perils of peeling paint:

  1. Make sure you prepare your surface properly. Surface preparation is extremely crucial. Applying paint to a dirty or mildewed surface can interfere with the paint’s ability to adhere, leaving it vulnerable to peeling.
  2. Avoid painting in the extreme heat or cold. Using paint in extreme temperatures can impede the formation of a good paint film.
  3. Don’t use cheap paints; it is a false economy. The Colour Palette recommends the use of high quality paints because low quality paints are less flexible and offer less adhesion.

Repairing peeling paint damage starts with scraping off the peeling paint, then sand any rough edges, prime areas where the paint is gone and repaint with a top-quality paint.

Ultimately, the best way to solve peeling paint is to eliminate the causes behind it. Our residential painters know how to repair and prepare surfaces so that you get a quality finish every time.